Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finally! Pictures of Addis, and of some of the kids

I can't seem to get these captions to line up with the pictures, and I'm too tired from the trip home to keep fussing with it. These pictures are as follows: 1.Emma holding one of the babies at Haregwoin Teferra's orphanage. Haregwoin is the star of Melissa Fay Green's book, There Is No Me Without You. Our driver, Mesfin, was an expert at negotiating the insane traffic of Addis. 2. These are small shops, on a good street. 3. Embassies of other African nations. The embassies of wealthy nations are much snazzier, not surprisingly. 4. more shops -- this is the street where the Volunteer House is. 5. Kids saying grace before lunch at Wanna, the little kids' house at AAI.

When Emma's photos are available on line for viewing I'll let you all know -- she took close to 10,000 images, so it will take a while for her to edit and post. Stay tuned.


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