Monday, October 30, 2006

Bananas on Tour

So David Small and I take the midwest by storm this week for Once Upon a Banana, and then take the banana to the Big Apple. Judging from the store event calendars we will be following in the footsteps of Lemony Snickett (The End) and Geraldine McCaughrean (Peter Pan in Scarlet) most of the way. Talk about tough acts to follow! But, I have every confidence in the sublimity of the banana.
Here's where you can meet us...
November 1, 7:00 Harry Schwartz Books, Brookfield, Wisconsin
November 2, 7:00 Anderson's, Downers Grove, Illinois
November 4, 11:00 Borders, La Grange, Illinois
November 5 1:00 Books of Wonder, New York City (Note: this is Marathon day. Beware crowds, traffic, etc.)
November 6 6:00 Sweet & Vicious, New York City (Wait! That's a bar! Yes, it's the children's lit bloggers gathering.)
November 7 10:00 Barnes & Noble, Carle Place, New York

See all the space in between those bookstore appearances? That time is largely taken up with presentations at schools. My role in our joint presentations will be confined to "I wrote a manuscript with about twenty-seven words and David did the rest," and then let him draw. This is the best part of doing an event with an illustrator. He gets to wow the crowd and I get to bask in reflected glory. Sweet! Best Blogger Tips
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