Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cybils children's book awards now accepting nominations

This is a new award (I mean new, new as of this week) created by the children's literature blogging community. You don't have to be a blogger to nominate a book. You can nominate books in several categories, i.e. NONFICTION. That would be a useful one to nominate, oh, I don't know, maybe THE AMERICAN STORY for. And then there is the PICTURE BOOK category. Gosh, let me think, who has a great picture book coming out next week? Oh yeah, me. ONCE UPON A BANANA would be very pleased to be nominated.
People, don't make me ask my mom to do this! But I will. If I have to.


p.s. Today's theme song is "Sailing to Philadelphia" by Mark Knofler. See you all at Chester County Books & Music Company with the C-SPAN crew. Best Blogger Tips
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