Saturday, October 07, 2006

Signing at Children's Book World, October 21 to be taped for CSPAN - Do you want to be on the telly?

If you live near Haverford, PA, come to Children's Book World on October 21 to meet me and Roger Roth. We haven't figured out yet what we're going to be saying or doing for a presentation, but whatever it is, it will end up on CSPAN. This is quite a nice thing, since CSPAN/Book TV rarely covers children's books these days. Please come and be part of the audience. I don't know exactly what time we'll be at the store (or when the segment will air) but the store can give you info on the first and hopefully I'll be able to get information on the latter. Roger Roth, illustrator of this fine picture and all the pictures in The American Story, lives in Pennsylvania, and this will be our first joint appearace. Best Blogger Tips
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