Sunday, October 22, 2006

Trip to Philadelphia and environs

I like the word environs.

On Thursday evening I arrived in Doylestown, at Booktenders Secret Garden, a children's only bookstore. David Wiesner, Deborah Heiligman, and I presented our respective new books to a nice crowd, and autographed into the evening. Friday a.m. I was whisked off to an elementary school in Doylestown, where I met Roger Roth for the first time. We did a joint presentation where he not only showed slides of the artwork of The American Story but drew pictures. The students had made paper quilts of their own favorite stories from the book, and presented them to us as gifts. Autograph, autograph, autograph. We then went with our media escort, Joan, to Haverford to Children's Bookworld, to sign more books, and then to a private school in the area where we did another presentation. More books to sign! Then Joan took me to Moorestown, New Jersey, to the warehouse of Koen-Levy book distributors, where I signed about 100 books. Then to Philadelphia, where I crashed for the night. Next day, Roger and I did our presentation at the Chester County Book & Music Company where C-Span did not tape us because they weren't able to get a qualified camera crew. Huh? Oh well. But we had a great turnout, and signed another ton of books.

Here's Roger drawing Ben Franklin.

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1 comment:

8NOTRUMP said...

welcome back from the Philadelphia environs. j