Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dispatches from Chicago, #1

Flew to Chicago yesterday afternoon and arrived at the Four Seasons, to find this waiting for me in my room. It's a box made of chocolate, with chocolates inside, and chocolate dipped strawberries on a chocolate drizzled plate. The funny thing is that I'm here to promote Once Upon a Banana for Simon & Schuster. This is The American Story, published by Random House. This suggests that it wasn't S & S who prepared this flattering treat on my behalf. When the phone rang it was David Small, saying that he and his wife, Sarah Stewart, had also arrived, and how about dinner? And he also had a chocolate box in his room, not decorated to look like Once Upon a Banana, but to look like Imogene's Antlers. From this, novice detectives that we are, we deduced that some guest services guru here at the hotel made it a mission to find out who we are and what to do about it. A really sweet and thoughtful gift that took a little left turn somewhere. David and Sarah and I had dinner, talked strategy for our presentations, etc.
This is the view of Lake Michigan from my room. Nice huh? I tried to take a picture of the sunrise but the batteries in my camera conked out and I wasn't able to get new ones until I went down to breakfast. A media escort will be picking us up soon to take us to Milwaukee, and we'll be back here late tonight. Best Blogger Tips
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