Monday, November 06, 2006

Dispatches from New York #2

Great. So naturally it would be while I'm out of town that my own local public radio station, the stupendous WAMC, airs something about The American Story. And I missed it. Bookshelves of Doom blogged about the book just the other day. Actually I'm not even sure what day it is today, I only know that I have to be ready to head to Connecticut at 7:15 a.m. Not a happy thought to get me up at 6. No, not a happy thought.
But San Diego Union Tribune tossed a banana our way today. That's good.
At yesterday's signing at Books of Wonder on 18th Street, fellow bloggers Cheryl Klein of Brooklyn Arden, and Betsy Bird, of Fuse #8 stopped to say hello. At the end of the event we (David and Sarah and I) decided to walk back uptown to our hotel. We passed numerous tired-looking runners wrapped in mylar space blankets the farther uptown we walked. This is a busy busy beehive, this city. Today's agenda consists of presentations in Connecticut, and then back to the city. One more event tomorrow, and then home to VOTE. Best Blogger Tips
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