Friday, November 03, 2006

Dispatches from Chicago, #4

Here we are at Lincolnwood Elementary in -- hang on, let me refer to my printed itinerary -- Evanston, Illinois. I found a monkey in the library before our presentation and decided to hang onto it during the entire time I was on stage. You start to get a little punchy after several days in a row of doing the same thing. I don't know, it just felt better to hang onto a monkey while I was talking at this school, # 2 of the day, # I-don't-know-what of the week. We crawled our way up the west coast of Lake Michigan today, and ate lunch at a perfectly horrible Chinese restaurant in the town of Gurnee. The sort of meal that afterward you think to yourself "Why did I eat that? I knew the moment I saw it it would be horrible. But I ate it anyway." A shaming sort of experience. David and Sarah and I ate food we didn't want, and only our media escort, Art, was smart enough to stick with tea. Sarah was a little green around the gills by the time we got to our third school of the day. She's like a benign spirit at the back of the room during our presentations -- holding up her ancient tiny teddy bear, Richard, for a model for David to draw during his drawing demonstrations when he needs her, or receding modestly into obscurity -- never mind that she is the author of some of his most beloved books. Tomorrow we have an event at a Borders in La Grange and then off we go to the airport.
Best of all -- we don't have to be out the door at the crack of dawn to visit elementary schools. Praise the lord and pass the salt. Best Blogger Tips
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