Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kirkus lists their 50 best children's books of 2006

And guess who wrote 4% of the books on the list? Me, thats right. Me. Both Once Upon a Banana and The American Story are on the list. And since it's alphabetical, they are #2 and #3 (right behind Tobin Anderson at #1).
"This comprehensive compendium is both a tremendous resource and a gift book for the ages," it says of The American Story. And "urban ruckus" and "visual romp" are some of the descriptions of Once Upon a Banana.

Also the Deseret (Utah) News lists Once Upon a Banana in its gift-giving list of children's titles for the season. "A banana peel causes a whole town to fall apart." Evidently we really loosed the hounds of anarchy with this book.

Q. Jennifer, how do you feel about these two books ending up on all these lists?
A. Oh, shucks, I'm just happy folks are reading them. [Subtext: Yippee!] Best Blogger Tips
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