Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back from Providence

Betcha didn't even realize I was gone. I went to the New England Booksellers' Association (NEBA) trade show, where I spoke at the "children's dinner." I was very happy to be able to thank the independent booksellers of New England for getting The American Story on their bestseller list last week. Before the dinner I did a power-signing: I sat down and autographed 200 copies of the book, which were then put on every seat at the banquet. Thanks to Elizabeth Bluemle, co-owner of The Flying Pig children's bookstore in Shelburne, Vermont, to Carol Chittenden, owner of Eight Cousins Bookstore on Cape Cod, Lisa Dugan of Koen Book distributors. and Laurie Hogan, of Random House, for their assistance during the power-signing. I know I'm leaving people out, so thank you all. Best Blogger Tips
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Anonymous said...

Hey that is great congrats! I was just passing by so, Kudos to you!

Jenny Han said...

Your book is terrific! I enjoyed your presentation as well.

Jenny Han said...

Your book is really neat! I enjoyed your presentation as well.