Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From across the northern border...

Thank you to the newpaper in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a nice mention of The American Story.
Nova Scotia, once known as Acadia, reverted to English control from the French in the mid-18th Century. The French Acadians, exiled by an influx of English immigrants, headed for more sympathetic settlements, including French Louisiana, where they established the Cajun culture.
I actually tried to find a good story about the Cajun diaspora for The American Story -- possibly about Longfellow's poem Evangeline. For some reason that I cannot now remember, I decided not to tell that story. In the interests of including more early French history of the United States, I ended up with a story about the settlement of Mobile Bay, (which predates the Cajun exile) but that one was cut to make room for something else.
Anyway, no Cajun story. Je suis desole', mes amis Acadiens! Best Blogger Tips
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