Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who knows what language this is?

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What is that, Finnish? This website is selling The American Story.

Let's say it's Finnish. They're selling the book in Finland. And in England. And in Japan, Italy, Germany, one of the Spanish speaking nations (a s Spanish-language on-line retailer, anyway). People in other countries are interested in reading about American history. The conservative media have picked it up. Homeschoolers, many of them conservative, have picked it up. So folks on the rightward end of the political spectrum are interested in reading about American history, too.

But again, let me rant a little about the more liberal mass media. Here we are a week away from the fifth anniversary of 9/11 and I would have expected a patriotic (but not flag-waving) book to be everywhere. I cruise around liberal blogs and websites about politics and sometimes I can't even find the word "patriotic." Has the word "patriotic" come to mean something bad? I posed the question to a friend of mine by email (he's a famous novelist, but I didn't ask if I can quote him so I won't say who it is.)

"It's all a result of tarring the left with the brush of anti-Americanism so you can wrap yourself in the flag, and then the secondary result of the left's responding like intellectual wusses...[they]may feel too threatened by the flag-wavers (and too angry at them) to come out of their corner and endorse something that brings a warm heart to the issues. These are cold combative times."

Come on, liberal left! Don't act like what you are wrongly accused of being! Best Blogger Tips
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