Monday, September 11, 2006

Close to Home and Far Away

My friend John McPherson put me in a cartoon this summer. I hasten to assure you that I have absolutely no psychic powers. He is a very whimsical man.

Today I got tangled up in traffic leaving the funeral of a New York State Trooper who was killed in action while on a manhunt for an escaped con. Rumor was that thousands of people were coming to Saratoga for the funeral. Naturally I forgot all about it when I went out to do errands. From where I first hit the traffic heading out to the Saratoga National Cemetery, I could have walked home in less time than it took me to get there by car. So I had ample time to consider the day, the uniforms, the bright sunny weather. Five years ago today the weather was the same here as it is today-- bright, clear, warm. In other words, a brilliant September day. Since that day I have been to far far away places -- Budapest, London, the South Pole, Auckland, and many others. Travel has changed, how I feel about home has changed. Nothing is the same and everything is the same. Wherever you go, people are still people, trying to accomplish their daily goals and sometimes pay heed to larger ones. Babies are born, loved ones die. Is it naive of me to think we all want the same things, really? All I wish for everyone is peace, perspective, patience and compassion. Best Blogger Tips
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