Sunday, September 03, 2006

"This wondrous volume will transport readers back through four centuries," says Hillsdale, (NY) Independent

They also say, "Glorious illustrations, snappy dialogue, dramatic narratives, and without this book, readers might never learn about the Great Molasses Flood of 1919. The American Story is a treasure for all ages."
The funny thing about this is the number of times the molasses flood is mentioned in interviews and reviews -- it seems to be an almost universally captivating story. Yesterday I did another radio interview, and again the molasses flood came up. If you live in Boston, this is probably a story you already know --just as, for the folks in Beaumont, Texas, the story of the Spindletop oil well is common knowledge. But somehow, people commenting on the book can't get over their astonishment at the story of the molasses flood.
Well, I suppose that's one reason people are enjoying the book. I wish I had a copy of the illustration for the flood story, but I don't. So here's the illustration for the Spindletop story again. Illustration courtesy of Roger Roth.

Today's morning sales ranks: 1,085 (#90 on the children's bestseller list); Barnes & Noble 782. Best Blogger Tips
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