Monday, September 25, 2006

back from South Dakota at last

I do feel as though I've been away for a month. The biggest problem I faced, while away, was food. I don't eat meat, and it looks very much as though that's all anybody eats in South Dakota. Even salads have meat on them! You have to request no meat on your salad! On Saturday I took a walk around town in the middle of the day, and spotted a Chinese restaurant some distance away. Oh! Wow! With swift-beating heart I crossed the street (not a problem - there is no traffic in downtown Sioux Falls) and made my way to the Ming Wah Chinese -- uh oh -- Chinese American Cafe. Chop Suey. Chicken-fried steak. Hamburgers. Sweet and sour pork. You get the idea. And actually, to my astonishment, (to my horror, really) no tofu.
Before I had left for South Dakota I went to the health food store and stocked up on protein bars, and a good thing I did, too. You cannot eat enough eggs in one day to compensate for an otherwise steady diet of iceberg lettuce or pasta with a mysterious "Alfredo Sauce."
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