Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I knew it! I knew this would happen!

"In a tour de force of visual sequencing captioned only by a set of rhyming street and shop signs, Small sets up a hilarious chain of events along a busy city street. The action starts on the front endpapers as a street performer's monkey snatches a banana from a fruit stand and tosses the peel onto the sidewalk. This sets off an escalating ruckus the moves around the block (and is actually mapped out on the rear endpapers), involving pedestrians, a painter atop a ladder, cars and trucks, dogs (lots of dogs), much flying through the air and a hurtling carriage with a delighted baby on board (for part of the way, anyway)..." begins the starred review of Once Upon a Banana in next month's Kirkus. THERE IS NO MENTION OF THE AUTHOR OF THIS BOOK in the entire review! I knew this would happen! The book is so spare of text that I knew people would think of this as a David Small book, and overlook me entirely. Sure, sure, another great David Small book, people will say, but what did Jennifer Armstrong have to do with it?
Mind you, the "tour de force" bit is richly deserved. David's visual interpretation of this manuscript is truly inspired.

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