Thursday, August 24, 2006

First the Wall Street Journal, now - What's a Nice Liberal Girl Like Me Doing In a Conservative Place Like This? Book Club is featuring The American Story. I'm beginning to get a little nervous... Fox news, Wall Street Journal. Where's Mother Jones? The Daily Forward? My liberal credentials are taking a beating. Shoot, at this point I would consider a bookshelf review in the New York Times as a left-wing triumph. Oh wait, there was that teacher resource.


But seriously, is an ostensibly patriotic children's book only attractive to the conservative media? Has patriotism become the exclusive property of the right wing? We're approaching the fifth anniversary of 9/11, and I feel very strongly that love of country can be reclaimed as a virtue by Americans like me: vegetarian, anti-war, atheist, mostly Democrat-registered, pro-choice, recycling, partially car-free, organic gardening defenders of secular education. And some form of universal health care would be nice too. That describes me. And I also think I live in a great and glorious country with an exciting and fascinating history. Surely there are others like me?

Aren't there? (p.s. you don't have to be vegetarian but it wouldn't hurt .) Best Blogger Tips
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1 comment:

the Intuitive Woman said...

i just received an email about your book, The American Story, and was interested to learn more about it and the author. I like the way you describe yourself, and minus being vegetarian, partially car-free (i wish!), and organic gardening (rent, don't own yet), we're practically the same person! LOL!

Actually, I'm pregnant and in a bi-racial relationship, so your book struck me as quite interesting, provided it covers a more balanced look at American History, and not the white-washed version we learn(ed) in school. I want my child to know the truth about both sides of where he or she (don't know yet) comes from. I plan to read further into your blog, and further check out your book.

Just wanted to say hello! It sounds very promising. :)