Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Review in the Wall Street Journal -- "A wonderful torrent of storytelling."

I learned yesterday that WSJ reviewed The American Story on August 12, so I went to my public library and tracked it down. "At first it seems odd that a volume with such an ambitious title contains little about the Civil War and even less about World War II. Is it, one wonders, some sort of exercise in didactic revisionist pacifism? Hapily it isn't. These lively chapters do skip some best-known events of the past, but the only agenda at work seems to be the author's interest in exposing children age 8+ to fascinating historical events that are less often recounted... " and it goes on in a (mostly) favorable way. Interesting that the reviewer seemed determined to yell "Aha! Gotcha, you stinkin' p.c. lefty!!" at some point, but discovered that she really liked the book. Best Blogger Tips
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